2022 Seasonal Lot Rent

April 22nd  – Oct 23rd 2022.

All sites are come with water and sewer, electric is metered, Please contact office for pricing.

Early Bird Discount – save $75.00 if site is paid in full by Jan 1

Options for visitors:

Day Visitor Pass – includes visitor fees only
Ultimate Day Pass – includes visitor and swimming fees
Overnight & Day Pass – includes day and overnight guests plus swimming fees
*These options do not qualify for SaunderosaFest

We request payment in full by April 15th.

This money is non-refundable, except in the event of a death in the lease’s family, making it mandatory to give up leased site.


A $75.00 late fee will be added each month after April 15th.

All above rates apply to one immediate family only. (Parents and unmarried children) — 21 and under– All others – – $5.00 per
person per night or day pass options

Winter storage Due by October 23rd, 2022 – $60.00
LP Gas is on Premises

Please understand that before a site is sold, Saunderosa Park Inc. must meet the potential buyers before anything is finalized. The potential buyers must know our rules, receive a contract, and fill out a form for a background check. Please understand you are Saunderosa Park’s Leesee, and we take pride in keeping our campground a respected business.

All campers wishing to sell camper, porch, shed, etc. on site with the understanding the purchaser will assume leasing option must notify Saunderosa prior to selling. If Sold during the camping season from April 16th thru last weekend in October current lot holder forfeits there seasonal lot rent and purchaser agrees to pay prorated amount. Purchaser absolutely must meet with management of Saunderosa Park prior to sale to receive all rules and to receive prorated cost of seasonal lot rent. If seasonal lot is purchased in “off – season” seller will pay $100 transfer fee. We hope the Seasonal site holder knows it is a privilege, not a right, to sell your personal possessions with the conveyance of the site. In certain circumstances Saunderosa may not approve the transfer of a site; in that instance all personal property must be removed. This has been the policy at Saunderosa, however we wanted to clarify and reiterate.

Any dead trees/limbs on your site are the lot holders’ responsibility and must be removed by a licensed and insured tree expert. However, absolutely no live trees may be cut without written consent of Saunderosa. If this occurs, you will be responsible for the value of the tree to be determined by a forester and face possible eviction.

Saunderosa Park’s rule on operating golf carts has always been the age of 16 WITH A LICENSE AND INSURANCE. Please make sure you have filled out a golf cart waiver. The golf cart waiver must have everyone’s name that will be operating the golf cart. Any drivers who are under the age of 16 must have an adult in the front seat at all times. You are responsible for your golf cart; Saunderosa is not liable for any damages or injuries caused by you, your golf cart, or anyone operating your cart. Any wreckless, unsafe, or fast driving will result in loss of golf cart privileges.

Saunderosa Park’s seasonal sites are leased on a yearly basis and are renewed every April 15th. If you purchase a site and get approval by management it will entitle you to take over the yearly lease. The lot rent will be pro-rated to the buyer. Before a site is purchased you
must speak with management. It is mandatory that you receive and understand all the rules and costs before your purchase.

Contact office for pricing