Craft Store

Welcome to Saunderosa Park’s Country Craft Store! For a full view of our craft store, we welcome you to visit our Facebook page and view over 30 photos of our delightful shop!

Our Country craft store opened in the year 2013 and has been complete hit since then! This is the perfect place to get a gift or souvenir for that special someone. We offer great Saunderosa Park T-shirt’s here as well! We have so many items to choose from that you will fall in love with!

Need a comfortable place to check your emails? We have a relaxed and quiet lounge just for you! Complete with free Wi-Fi and a TV.

Our family-owned campground prides itself on its fully stocked Craft Store. We offer an entire General Store with all the toiletries and amenities one might require. We also offer goodies such as decorative pieces like paintings, lights, candles and signs. We sell kitchen appliances as well such as glasses, coffee mugs, place mats and cloth napkins. We sell chairs, tables and lamps as well. In our craft store, you will also find a small book section to purchase a new novel. Our store is filled with unique greenery and large decorations for your home. We offer small rugs, tables and other small pieces for decoration. We sell small dressers, shelves and a small chalkboard to be customized by you! We offer gifts and decorations ranging in size from handheld to giant. In our store, we have beautiful wooden birdhouses, and plaques that could fit perfectly into any household. We also offer fun things such as slushiness and candy! For those sweet tooth’s wondering… we carry lollipops, M&Ms, Reeces, Sweet Tarts and so many other classics. This way, you can bring a piece of the beautiful Saunderosa back with you!